This section gives hints on energy saving options for the bathroom and laundry.
 Energy Efficiency Measures

  • Insulating your hot water pipes and storage tank will cut energy waste.
  • Have a solar water heater, as it will reduce the electricity consumption for hot water during daytime.
  • Do as much cleaning as possible with cold water.
  • Have the temperature setting of the water heater to the minimum required. Having water that is too hot, and mixing with cold water only wastes the electricity that could have been saved in the first place.
  • Use your clothes washer with full loads. Using the clothes washer with very few clothes is not energy efficient.
  • Purchase washers that allow temperature and water control to be able to wash clothes at partial loads more efficiently.
  • Let the sun do the work wherever possible. Using a clothesline to dry your clothes not only saves energy, but also reduces wear and tear on your clothes.
  • Locate the dryer in a warm place