Vegetation Management

PNG Power Ltd’s main objective is to provide a safe environment and reliable supply of electricity to its valued customers.Trees touching power lines and branches falling on them are a proven risk to public safety, resulting in unscheduled power outages. Most unplanned power outages are caused by vegetation within the vicinity of power lines.

PNG Power has responsibilities to maintain safe clearances between vegetation and powerlines.

These responsibilities may be carried out by their officers or agents to do all or any of the following:
(a) Cut and remove from any Crown, native or private land any tree or any branch, bough or other part of a tree growing on such lands within 30 meters of any main or sub-main used for conducting energy and which may in any way affect or interfere with the works. Therefore if you are intending to plant trees, please plant them 30 metres away from any power pole and line. 

(b) Should you spot any power line touching any vegetation, do not attempt to trim or cut the vegetation. Always treat every line as being live regardless whether they are sparking or arcing. If you are operating heavy machinery near overhead powerlines, always consider the following: 

  • Check in advance that machinery will travel clear of overhead and stay wires
  • Always place ground markers and signboards near wires to remind workers and members of the public to be aware of overhead powerlines
  • Place stickers on heavy machinery to remind operators to look up and live.