Titans boosting supply to NCD

PNG Power installed a K55 million gas turbine power station at Kanudi, outside Port Moresby in 2011 to cater for the increasing demand for electricity in the nation’s capital.

The new power station houses two new 15 megawatt ‘Titan 130’ gas turbines, which run on diesel until 2014 where they can be converted to use gas if it is available.

The two Titans were manufactured in San Diego, USA before being transported to Switzerland to be packaged and shipped to Port Moresby.

The Titans are expected to be run during peak demand hours from 8am to 4pm.

PPL’s board and management approved the installation of the power station following a dramatic increase in demand for electricity supply in the nation’s capital.

The development is also part of PPL’s mission to identify, develop, plan and implement required infrastructure to meet the growth in electricity demand including meeting customer satisfaction and reliability standards.

There have been forecasts that the PNG economy would double in size due to the LNG project and other developments and PPL is making every effort to meet any rise in power demand.

The Port Moresby system is currently supplied by the four hydro power stations at Rouna, Moitaka diesel power station, and the privately owned Kanudi power station.