Information on regional grids in PNG

Port Moresby System

The Port Moresby system serves the National Capital District, the commercial, industrial and administrative centre of Papua New Guinea. The Port Moresby system also serves surrounding areas in the Central Province. The main source of generation is the Rouna system consisting of four hydro stations on the Laloki River, controlled water storage in Sirinumu Reservoir and a small generating set at the toe of Sirinumu dam. The total generation capacity from the Rouna Power Stations is 62.2MW.

PNG Power also operates a thermal power station at Moitaka, outside Port Moresby which is also used to supplement the supply from the Rouna Power Station with a generation capacity of 30MW.

PNG Power also purchases electricity from a privately owned power station at Kanudi. The Kanudi Power Station (diesel) completed in January, 1999 is owned and operated by an IPP, selling power exclusively to PNG Power. Kanudi adds another 24 MW to the Port Moresby system generation capacity and is being utilised as base load.

Ramu System

The Ramu system serves the load centres of Lae, Madang and Gusap in the Momase Region and the Highlands centres of Wabag, Mendi, Mt Hagen, Kundiawa, Goroka, Kainantu and Yonki. The economy of the regions supplied by the Ramu system is based on mining, oil, gas, coffee, tea, timber and industrial productions.

The main source of generation is the Ramu Hydro Power Station with an installed capacity of 75MW, comprising of five units of 15MW each. This station which was previously a run-of-river scheme became a storage scheme when the Yonki dam was commissioned in February, 1991. Additional hydro energy is supplied by Pauanda, a run-of-river station in the Western Highlands Province with 12MW. Power is also purchased when required from the privately owned Baiune Hydro Power Station at Bulolo in Morobe Province, and varies between 1 to 2 MW depending on availability.

Transmission line outages, energy and peak demands are met by diesel plants at Madang, Lae, Mendi and Wabag. These plants serve as stand-by units.

Gazelle Peninsula System

The Gazelle Peninsula system serves the townships of Rabaul, Kokopo and Keravat to service Gazelle's economy based on copra, coconut oil, cocoa, timber and fishing.

The Gazelle Peninsula system is powered by a 10MW hydro power system at Warangoi, Ulagunan Diesel Power Station with 8.4MW, and 0.5MW from Kerevat Diesel Power Station.