In order to arrange electricity connection to your newly built residential premises or a new connection to your existing premises:

1.Contact your local licensed electrical contractor or electrician who will determine your connection needs.

2.Then contact your nearest PNG Power office (Mon to Fri, 8.00am - 4.30pm) to discuss your connection needs with a Customer Care Representative.

3.Your licensed electrical contractor must submit a Completion Notice Form to the relevant office. Your contractor can pick up this form at their nearest PNG Power office or download a PDF copy

4.You must then lodge an Application for Electricity Supply, which you can download here. You must also provide with the application:

 - Any of the following identification (Passport, Driver’s License, Employee ID, Birth   Certificate, etc.)

 - Proof of title/Landlord Consent

All applications will be assessed and once wiring works is completed, you are required to pay a refundable customer deposit fee (see Tariff for fees). The connection of power supply to your residence will depend on the PNG Power Inspectors who will come and check the works carried out by your electrical contractor which must be in compliance to PNG Power safety standards.

Existing customers

If you are moving into an existing home or premise that is already connected with power but wish to have the account registered in your name, then you are required to present the following:
- Passport photo
- Proof of title/Landlord's Consent
- Identification (Employee ID / Passport / Driving License)
- A fee depending on the power requirements for the premises and your previous account.

Upon presenting the above at any of our Customer Care Office, you will be advised further on which forms to fill.

Remember, it is illegal to use power under someone else’s name.