Rural Electrification program in SHP progressing well


The rural electrification (RE) program in the Southern Highlands Province is progressing with the assistance of local parliamentary members.

Manager Project Services, Daniel Muturam, said PPL had come a long way to bring services there and they would continue working closely with the local MPs.

Mr Muturam thanked the current MPs, namely Koroba/Kupiago MP Mr Francis Awesa, Komo/Magarima MP Mr Francis Potape, Kupiago MP Mr John Kekeno, and Tari/Komo MP Mr Philemon Embel, who have been the driving force to bring service into the areas.

He said Mr Awesa had made it possible for the RE project team to run a 39 kilometer line extension from Mendi to Koroba/Kupiago, which was completed and energized in the first week of August.

Mr Muturam said plans for another 40 kilometer line into Tari was pending.

“With the MPs support, I am sure PPL will slowly but eventually carry out their RE projects successfully,” he said.

Mr Muturam said K27 million was allocated for the SHP project and so far K7 million had been spent.

He added that the other RE projects in the country were progressing well despite the delays in procurement orders to arrive.

“This area needs to be looked into and improved so that we can deliver the service on time,” Mr Muturam said.

He added that negotiations with the SHP government to allocate land for

PPL to build its office were still pending.

“This is one area that we are trying to realize so that we can actually set up in there and deliver service properly,”

Mr Muturam said.

Meanwhile, GM Technical Services, Mr Chris Bais, said he would get his RE team together to produce a proposal on how the RE program funding and expenditure can be separated from PPL operational and capex costs.