Work on substations progressing well


Work on the two substations at Erap and Hidden Valley in the Morobe Province is progressing well.

Backfilling work has begun on the substation site at Erap in Morobe Province.

The Works Department was engaged to conduct the compaction tests and when passed, contractor Dayen Pestech began work on May 20.

As of May 31, the second phase of the backfill has commenced.

Dayen Pestech has also provided messing facilities for PPL Project Inspector, Leseng Pasen and their local engineers based on site.

At the Hidden Valley substation site, the office has been set up and foundation works on the site has begun.

PPL’s project team completed their safety induction on May 7 and Project Inspector, Peter Tangwari has been based there since May 28.

Dayen Pestech and its subcontractors have completed the control building footing and cable trench excavations and work is continuing.