The Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) has been signed.

Acting Board Chairman Mr William Kenjibi and CEO Mr Tony Koiri both signed the document at PPL’s boardroom on Monday February 15.

The signing of the document is significant as it endorses its recommended strategies.

The SAMP was developed as a direct result of one of seven key strategic areas contained in PPL’s 2009 Strategic Business Plan.

It aims to improve PPL’s service delivery and performance as a company, including its people, process and plant assets.

It identifies five management process and five risk priorities that need to be focused on over the next two years.

Addressing capability shortfalls in these ten areas is estimated to be worth in the order of K500 million in economic value over the next five to ten years for the company. (Economic value is the combination of cost savings or avoidance and revenue earnings)

In the document’s foreword, CEO Mr Koiri said: “I am very excited at the prospect of realising the potential represented in this plan.

He said PPL’s credibility and very survival as a commercial entity depended on staff successfully implementing the bridging strategies contained in the plan in a timely manner.

“Asset management is all about ensuring that PPL’s people, process and plant assets have and maintain the capability needed to meet its business needs. I therefore ask that all staff regardless of position or function get behind it,” Mr Koiri said.

The five management process priorities are:

• Asset Information Management

• Demand Forecasting

• Reliability Engineering

• Tactical Asset Management Planning

• Development Programme Planning

The five risk priorities are:

• Hazard Management

• Management Responsiveness

• Preparedness for Deregulation

• Landowner Relations

• Non Technical Energy Losses.