Buka’s submarine cable project completed

By L Vuvu - TL Customer Services Buka


The second undersea cable project, jointly funded by PPL and Autonomous Government of Bougainville, has been completed.

The cable will supply electricity from Buka Island to Kokopau on the main land and Sohano Island.

The project saw two submarine cables being laid across the Buka Passage from Buka Island.

The project team arrived in September, 2010 and completed the project in November,2010.

The team was split into two groups. The first group, led by Jones Pokarop and Mr Leteisim, supervised the sinking of cable while Mr Nanako and Mr Peni led and supervised the distribution and transmission work at Kokopau and Sohano Island.

The first cable was laid on October 15 from Motmoto beach in Buka Island to Bonus at Kokopau, about 500 meters.

At the early hours of that day, the project team and casuals floated the cable across the passage using tyre tubes.

It took the team four days to finally sink the first cable.

The second cable was laid from Manguru, Buka Island to Sohano Island on November 8, about 300 meters.

Again the team used tyre tubes to float the cable after four days, they finally sunk the second cable.

While this was happening, the other team (distribution and transmission) were erecting poles, stringing lines and installing transformers at Kokopau and Sohano Island.

Work was done properly and professionally on time.

The first cable from Motmoto beach to Bonus, Kokopau was energized on the November 4.

The second cable from Manguru to Sohano Island on November 22.

The date for the official launching of this project is yet to be set and it will be an historic event for the people of Bougainville when it is finally opened.