Polye launches Tambul Nebilyer RE project


Power supply will be extended from the Tambul District station to Lower Nebilyer thanks to MP Benjamin Poponawa, who together with Deputy Prime Minister Hon Don Polye launched the project on September 24.

Areas covered are from Tambul to Pulgwe Junction (currently underway), Tambul High School, Kopine, Kerepia, Yaware Junction to Malke, Pokari, Nari to Yombikul via Pakapena, Yameyame PNG Bible Mission to Vocational Centre, Pokerabuk to Karapia Market to Last Palme and to Lower Nebilyer.

Mr Polye during his speech praised Mr Poponawa for his commitment to bringing services to his electorate.

“This man is bringing roads, communication services, electricity and other services to you and you should be thankful and proud of your leader,” Mr Polye told the 2,000 plus people gathered at the District Grounds.

Mr Polye also told the people to accept change and keep working together to improve their station and make it a model for others to follow.

Mr Poponawa, who is also the Civil Aviation Minister, asked the people to be patient with him and let him deliver the services as he promised.

“You don’t think that this will take a short time to do. I want your support and understanding when these projects are being implemented, so please allow work to go on and you will benefit later on,” he said.

Mr Poponawa also asked his people to respect the facilities being built, take ownership and look after them.

PPL’s Director RE Daniel Muturam, who attended on behalf of management, thanked the local MP for helping fund the RE projects in the district.

He said PPL would deliver a high quality project on time so that it would improve basic services like schools and health centres and increase micro businesses for the people, among many other spin-offs from a reliable power supply in the electorate.

He also said PPL would put up a Lines Office at the Tambul Station to maintain its distribution lines and keep the lights on.

The K2 million RE project is jointly funded by the local MP through his DSIP funds and PPL.

Other projects that were opened on the day were the Tambul District Market, communication services, District chamber, and two main roads.