PPL launches RE project in Maprik

By Leonie Bellem


PPL and Member for Maprik, Hon Gabriel Kapris launched the Rural Electrification project in Maprik on January 8, 2010.

The joint partnership launching marked the start of preparation for PNG Power to construct the K5.8 million rural electrification project in the Maprik area and eventually connect Wewak town through Wingei from Hayfield.

Deputy CEO, Mr Lawrence Solomon thanked the Minister Hon Gabriel Kapris for inviting him to witness

the launching.

Mr Solomon in his speech said the RE project came in two stages, stage one from Warabung to Wingei (16km) and stage two from Brugam to Maprik (30km).

He said the people of Maprik were very fortunate to have electricity provided to their electorate as in some parts of the country there was no electricity at all and the people should be very proud of this milestone achievement.

Mr Solomon said he was briefed by the minister that the village people were using generators for their power and it was a very expensive exercise “but now that electricity will be at your door step, the people will pay for power at a cheaper price and life will be made easier.”

He said after the project was completed, children would have power to do their night studies, schools can use computers for greater access to global information and mothers can run their own businesses.

“Electricity services will bring a lot of business opportunities and investors, which will also provide employment for the people,” Mr Solomon said.

He told the locals to take ownership and look after the power poles.

“It is a two year project but the PPL project team will try and complete the project in less time so that power can be delivered to the people as soon as possible,” Mr Solomon said.

He also warned the people not to throw items on the power lines or play with power, as it was very dangerous.

“I also appeal to all of you to respect and look after PPL employees working on the project and assist them where necessary to complete the project,” said Mr Solomon.

Minister Kapris in his speech thanked PPL for providing skilled manpower, plant and fleet resources and for bringing electricity services to the electorate.

“I assure PPL that my people will take care of PNG Power staff and they will not disrupt the project in any way,” Mr Kapris said.

The minister also warned his people that there would not be any compensation demand.

“I am very happy that RE has reached my electorate and I challenge my people to work hard and appreciate what the government and corporate entities are doing to bring services into our province,” Mr Kapris said.

He said the government allocated K1 million while the ICDC chipped in with K3.8 million and IPBC with

K1 million to cover the 30km distance from Maprik to Bonohoi.