Barola community gets power supply

By Nichlais Namba – Centre Manager Kainantu


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Hooking up the last pole in notorious Barola Village, also known as Komperi, and its primary school outside Kainantu was an achievement for PPL Kainantu.

Barola Primary School and surrounding villages were finally connected through a 500m Low Voltage ABC Line.

The community is now enjoying power supply after 21 years, a long time since the HV lines into Henganofi District were constructed in 1989.

The construction of new line came about after the Kainantu Centre Manager made a commitment during the Grade 8 Graduation Ceremony in December 2009.

The local leaders and school board said at the time: “Pawa em i ron long Customary len bilong mipela na mipela i no kisim wanpela sevis long PNG Pawa long 1989 inap kam nau.”

Mr Namba, after hearing this, went about securing funds and his team took ten months to procure materials and construct the LV line.

The line was completed and energised in December 2010, as a Christmas gift to the community.

The Kainantu office is pleased with the new distribution line and is proud to have done something about this area, which is widely known for its criminal activities.

We hope the service improves the lives of the people there and enhance social and economic developments in that area.