Gumine RE project commences

By Casey Mape - RE Project Manager Highlands


The Gumine Rural Electrification commenced on the February 21 this year.

The entire line route will involve steel power pole construction taking into consideration the rough terrain and the fact that steel poles are much easier to maintain than wooden power poles.

The entire line route from the last wooden power pole at Moramaule to Gumine Government Station is about 13km and is estimated to cost K1.4 million.

Funding for this project came from the National Government in 2007 through the RE program with K500,000 while K200,000 was committed by Gumine District in 2008.

The District Administrator promised to commit another K300,000 this year.

The Gumine District Administration is assisting the project by:

- Providing RE Project team with a hired Toyota Land Cruiser Ute.

- Providing beddings, cooking utensils, electrical equipments, etc.

- Providing their Hino Truck to load cross arms from Lae to Kundiawa. This is saving K13,000 from a quote obtained from MDL for the same job.

- Providing welding machines, oxy and acetylene.

- Providing accommodation for the construction team at Moramaule Council Chamber.

There are hindrances to the project like material and fuel shortage, vehicle maintenance, weather, political differences, landowner issues, lack of dialogue or consultation between RE team, landowners and District Administration, and PPL’s delay in processing payments for suppliers, casual wages, etc.

The project team are hopeful that PPL will provide a crane truck and 3 tonne trucks to speed up the project.

The power line construction is expected to reach Gumine Government Station by September 2011.