Kainantu installs new transformer

By Paula Iyoko


A new three phase 500kVA transformer was installed in Kainantu Town’s main commercial centre on the July 2, 2011.

The new transformer replaced the aging one that had oil leakage and sometimes caused voltage dropping to the north section of the town including BSP, Medikwae Lodge, K-Mart and Hailands Wantok Ltd.

The work would have been done earlier but due to a crane truck problem, the job was deferred until the Goroka Office got its crane truck back on the road.

“The change of transformer is part of the upgrading works and improvement to assets within our existing distribution establishment, in view of achieving power reliability which is one of the strategic plans of the organisation,”

Centre Asset Manager Mr Nichlais Namba said.

Mr Namba said he was pleased with the work that would add value in terms of reliability and consumers in those areas would no longer experience power fluctuations.

He thanked the two linesmen and management from Goroka for their assistance and also praised his team leader and lines team for a job well done.

Mr Namba added that there was still lot more to be done in the centre regarding upgrading and maintenance works, which he said would be done from time to time and completed over the next two years.

He said the old 300kVA transformer will be serviced and re-used to upgrade other sections of the town.