Kuriki lines rehabilitated after 14 years


After a 14 year blackout, the Anglimp to Kuriki area is now back on power supply.

Mt Hagen Centre Manager Pulman Tirang said his team had carried out a rehabilitation work on a 5 km line from Anglimp to Kuriki after it was destroyed 14 years ago in an election related issue.

“The people in the area have suffered for a long time and with the full community support, our project guys worked very hard to get the HV/LV restored and the vital service to the community is now realised after 14 years,” Mr Tirang said.

“The people in the area are very happy and are now enjoying the electricity services after being in the dark for so long.”

He said the rehabilitation work on the project commenced in February 2011 and the lines were hooked up on March 31.

Meanwhile, Mr Tirang said they had begun their awareness programs on electricity safety in the town and rural areas. He told PPL Nius that PPL needed to carry out awareness and market the Easipay product to customers.

“My team sees the importance of awareness and educating our community in conducting awareness programs on the use of electricity, together with the safety aspect of electricity and appliances both in homes and outside homes,” Mr Tirang said.

He said the exercise will go on until they covered all areas.