Momase RE team to connect more districts

By Piki Ravusiro - Project Manager RE Momase


The rural electrification rollout continues in 2011 and we are expecting to cover most districts in the Momase region.


East Sepik Province

Maprik to Bonohoi/Brugam (36km) – First 5km energised on March 26, 2010 and construction to continue soon.

Passam to Wingei (76km) - 57km constructed so far. Includes tee-offs to Kubalia (4km) and Yangoru (4km) government stations. Tee-off to Kubalia Station was energised in December 2010. Maprik High School to Yambi Station (21km) - Funding received for first 10km and construction to commence soon.

Passam to Angoram (91km) - In design stage. We have yet to receive funding but are procuring for the first 10km.

Hayfield to Wingei (16km) – Construction will commence after completion of Maprik to Bonohoi/Brugam portion.

Yarapos to Sowom (68km) - Survey completed.

Brandi High School to Suanum (18km) and Bonohoi to Drekikir Station (17) - Survey completed for these areas.


Sandaun Province

Aitape/Lumi - Funding received and material procurement has begun for new distribution line works in Aitape township, and power station upgrading and line rehabilitation at Lumi.

Vanimo to Wutung (40km) - Survey completed and is in design stage.


Madang Province

Dylup to Mirap (10km) – Construction continues with 85% completed.

Usino Bundi (15km) - Material procurement continues for Walium to Usino Junction, then to Usino Station.

4 Mile to Erima Primary School (21km) - Procurement stage for first 10km in progress.

4 Mile to Mawan (27km), Mirap to Bunabun (29km) and Bunabun to Bogia Station (84km) - Survey completed.


Morobe Province

10 Mile to Gabensis (21km) – Completed and energised.

Zenag to Timini (19km) - Completed and energised.

Old Mumeng Station to Bapa (10km) - Completed and energised.

Butibam (1km) - Minor distribution reticulation completed.

Mutzing to Zumin (12km), Nawae High School (9km), Bumayong to Situm Station

(7km) and Muya to Nadzab (14km) - Survey and design completed and these projects are waiting funding for construction.

Dain Mamarigan via NTB (11km), Dregarhafen School to Malasega Village (7km), Butaweng to Suquang Village

(4km) and Gigala Village - Surveys have been completed for these areas.