Mul Baiyer MP presents Rural Electrification funding

By Anna Kose


Minister for Labour and Member for Mul Baiyer, Sani Rambi, presented a cheque of K2.75 million to PPL for rural electrification projects in his electorate.

When presenting the cheque, Mr Rambi apologised for vandalism of PPL’s assets by his people and assured PPL that this would not happen again.

He said he had given K3 million but some of the money was taken out to purchase wood poles for the project.

“Electricity is vital for people’s livelihood and it is a much more valuable development,” he said.

Mr Rambi also gave assurance that his people will provide security and ensure that there will not be any compensation demand claims.

PPL’s RE Director, Daniel Muturam, thanked the Minister and said, “I’ll make sure we work quickly to bring the service in and open the mindset of the people by gaining access to the knowledge of the outside world in terms of development.”