Tari to have its own power station


PNG Power (PPL) will soon supply electricity to the LNG township of Tari in the new Hela Province.

Landowners of the area, the Talona clan, signed the MOU with PNG Power CEO Tony Koiri on August 22 to allow PPL to start construction of its new power station.

Mr Koiri also presented a K590,000 cheque to Clan Leader Alben Bosco signifying the company’s commitment to move forward with the project.

Mr Koiri was pleased with the cooperation of the Talona clan who responded to the company’s search for a piece of land to build the power station.

“This allows our work, under the Rural Electrification Program to go ahead. It was important that the Talona clan came forward to assist in having electricity made available to everyone in the area,” he said.

The Talona clan was more than happy to give up land for the power station. With the LNG project well underway, electricity supply is in demand and it is timely for PPL to move in cater for the rising number of consumers.

“We did not hesitate to help as we know electricity supply is for our benefit and the people of Tari,” Mr Bosco said. “The Talona clan is ready to work with PPL going forward.”

Power poles have already been erected in Tari and once the generators are installed, electricity supply should be switched on by the end of September.