PNG Power signs Fibre Optic Cable lease agreement with Telikom PNG

Loko and Koiri with the lease agreement 

Photo: PNG Power CEO shaking hands with Telikom CEO with the lease agreement.

Telikom and PNG Power have signed a Fibre Optic Cable Lease Agreement for fibre extending from Lae to Madang. This enables Telikom to utilize spare capacity on PPL’s existing fibre optic Network.

PPL CEO Tony Koiri and Telikom CEO Peter Loko recently ratified this Agreement at the PPL headquarters, witnessed by the management of both companies.

PPL has fibre optic cabling installed on much of its transmission tower network.

This cabling is used to provide system control communications between its generation facilities and load centers across the country.

Fibre optic cables provide a greatly enhanced system that ensures faster response times for troubleshooting problems and enabling quicker identification of fault locations in its electricity system. The end result is improved system reliability for customers.

PPL has recently completed the installation of fibre optic cables between Madang and Lae through its main generating facility at Yonki, in the Eastern Highlands Province.

Currently, PPL is commissioning the termination equipment that, when completed, should improve the reliability of the system and reduce outage times that do occur.

However PPL only utilises a small portion of the capacity available on the fibre optic link. Telikom has now leased some of the remaining spare capacity to increase and improve the capabilities of its data traffic on its core infrastructure network.

In particular the volume and speed of services to and from the existing Sydney to Madang Pipe Submarine Fibre Cable through to Lae will be greatly enhanced and represents a significant step forward in the quality of these data services for PNG. Providing a quality telecommunications network for the country is Telikom’s top priority and PPL’s communication facilities compliment Telikom’s own infrastructure requirements.

This strategic alliance is an effective use of resources and is expected to be expanded into the future with PPL’s plans to extend its fibre optic network into the highlands atop its existing transmission pylons. This partnership provides many opportunities for Telikom to enhance and improve its core infrastructure network and extend to centres that are linked by the PPL network.