Service delivery advanced

24 Hour Service team 2

Photo: The 24 hour service team

They have been assembled as chosen men and tasked to attend to the daily power issues everyday faced by our customers.

This role takes them all around the city of Port Moresby and power blackouts go on for longer than expected, the demand for their work is high.

From answering customer service calls and directing crews to attend to blackouts, voltage faults, fallen powerlines, line clearance and Easipay problems, these are the men that will handle it all.

They are the newly transformed PNG Power Customer Service (CS) Call team of Port Moresby operating the 24 Hour Call Centre.

From the CS Call center to the CS Technicians, this special group of men are the engine room of the centre that attends to the needs of customers.

With this new approach, electricity consumers in the capital city should look forward to an effective and efficient service response to their queries by the electricity supplier courtesy of the service team.

In October 2011, the PPL Management tasked the Strategy & Marketing Division to put in place an innovative approach that will bolster the operations of the service call centre.

Marketing Manager Togaro Asiba had to put in place resources that were to make the call centre effectively carry out its work. The moved was fully supported by Director Strategy and Marketing Lawrence Solomon who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area.

CEO Mr Tony Koiri wants service delivery at PPL to go up another level with new innovative approaches in improving customer satisfaction and service delivery. It was noted that a well coordinated call centre would also mean a well coordinated team operating on the street of Port Moresby attending to power faults and achieving positive results.

The PPL ICT Committee was also called onboard to provide advice and assistance in setting up the communication systems of the call centre. The result of this is the availability of more service call numbers which are utilising both the Digicel and Telikom network.

Renovations were undertaken to upgrade the facilities to a standard call centre which can respond to customer queries promptly. The upgrading work was completed in December and will serve as the main dispatch centre for all service calls regarding Easipay, safety inspections, no power, line down, line clearance, pole inspections, street light queries, voltage supply fluctuation, system blackout or partial blackout and anything at all to do with power fault queries.

Its vehicle fleet was also increased with an additional 4 vehicles bought to ease the problems of vehicle availability for shift crews. Another two vehicles are coming in later to compliment the zone trucks that have been in use at the centre.

Mr. Asiba says a lot of positive feedback has been received from the general public with the new set-up providing quick responses to their calls. Certainly the team is heading the right way with a 25-30 minutes turnaround time set for receiving and registering the service call and for the Customer Service Technicians to arrive on location.

A database system has been set up where all service calls are logged in, their status’ monitored and checked with Customer Service Technicians who are attending to it. Once task is completed, technicians report it back to the call centre who will then close the task.

Mr Asiba is also looking at setting up and organising a Closed User Group (CUG) account for the centre where the team will be using mobile phones to contact each other during coordination of jobs.

Plans are also in place for Email and SMS Blasts technology which will create more awareness among the general public about the existence of the call centre and its new contact numbers. Unplanned and planned outages will also be sent through the Email and SMS for customer information purposes.

Mr Asiba said staff will undergo training on customer service communication skills so they are equipped with skills on to advising customers over the phone and while coordinating service calls with CS Technicians.

He said the ICT market was challenging and PPL needed stay competitive with new and innovative approaches to go a step ahead in its service delivery. Plans are also in place for the service call improvement to be rolled out to the major centres.

He added that Customer Service will make the difference in our business and employee attitude towards work and mindset must change to recognise the value of their jobs, which is exactly what the CS Technicians have started doing in Port Moresby.

Mr Asiba is appealing to frontline staff to be customer service oriented to be effective in their services at all facets of the business adding that PPL is a PNG company and we are here to stay.

It is anticipated service call centre will play a leading role in the operations of the company and one that will definitely bring reliability of our infrastructure improvement to the important role these lines men play in their day to day work.