Meter Survey work to begin in Port Moresby and Lae

meter survey 4

Photo: Survey team checking out an illegal connection

PNG Power is currently undertaking an extensive meter survey work with the assistance of external contractors and the general community to deal with illegal connection, meter bypassing and meter tampering by consumers.

PNG Power in advertisements late last year advised customers that having access to electricity through illegal means is unlawful and as such, PNG Power will prosecute consumers identified to be using electricity illegally.

With its safety obligations to its consumers and the general public, the survey work is not only to collect revenue but to identify and attend to all issues relating to risks in ensuring access to electricity is through proper processes with safety and accepted standard requirements met.

Millions of kina have been lost over the years through illegal activities carried out by consumers who intentionally defraud PNG Power by stealing electricity through illegal means.

It is not fair to the paying consumers as well as PNG Power which maintains very expensive and demanding operations to keep the generation, transmission, distribution and retail of electricity to the convenience of its valued consumers.

The current survey work will cover all classification of consumers to ensure illegal consumers are identified, supply disconnected until such time all back-billing and other charges are paid in full by the consumers.

Where a supply is disconnected because of illegal connection and later discovered to be reconnected illegally, all such installations will be permanently removed from the meter to the pole fuse and the service-lines.

PNG Power is not obliged to continue supply to consumers who intentionally defraud the company and therefore, will refuse reconnection under same or different consumer name to the same premises until all the fees and charges are paid in full. Only then, the installation will be treated as a completely new connection with new fees and charges which must be also paid by the customer.

The survey work has commenced in Port Moresby and would continue into other Centres going into 2012. PNG Power wishes to warn customers intending to carry out any form of illegal connection to stop as it is very dangerous and can cause deaths and loss of properties.

PNG Power staff are encouraged to always stand up for the company and keep a look out for illegal connections and report them.