Cash-less Policy introduced at PPL

PNG Power is introducing the cash-less payment system or more specifically, payment by electronic means throughout its offices in the country.

Payment by EFTPOS machines and bank deposits are now the only means of making payment for services provided by the electricity provider.

The move is designed to avoid security risks posed to customers and PNG Power following an armed hold up in early March at its Gordons Business Centre.

This decision is made in light of the latest incident and will ensure that no big amount of cash is handled at the business centre.

Installation of EFTPOS machines has commenced in Port Moresby and would continue on to other centres.

Customers are therefore asked to open up bank accounts for their convenience to pay off their regular electricity bills. Top-up through BSP SMS Banking is also in its final stages and will have that made available to the Easipay consumers for power units top-up.

PNG Power has also provided specially designed bank deposit slips with its account number imprinted available at all banks for customers who wish to make direct deposits. Customers can take the bank-stamped receipts with their bills to PNG Power so that their electricity accounts can be updated.

The company understands the difficulty faced by its customers in remote areas and is investigating a best way forward to assist these customers.

Please note that paper bills and invoices will continue to be issued to customers as usual.