PPL Board visits Lae and Yonki

In April 2012, the PNG Power Board of Directors and management held their first Board meeting in a PPL center in Lae.

This is all part of the Board’s strategy for the management and themselves to be committed to center staff and show more interest in our centers around the country.

The Board visited the Yonki Toe of Dam (YTOD) Hydro Power Station on the 18th of April 2012 and was warmly welcomed by the project group and the staff at Yonki and Lae.

The Board was able to convince itself that the work on the YTOD was progressing well and was set to be completed in early 2013.

The PNG Power had identified the YTOD hydro power station as the optimum development to meet electricity demand within the required timeframe.

Civil works carried by Japanese firm, Daiho Corporation are 40% complete for the 18 mega watt (MW) power station.

Once civil works are completed, PPL and its contractor Nippon Koei (NK) will continue and complete the installation of the major parts of the electrical and mechanical equipment. The project estimated at K90m is expected to be completed by March 2013.

The Project Team and contractors took a lot of time to show the Board Directors the entire operation and the improvements made. The Board was reassured to see the enormous progress of the site and commended the Project Team and Contractors for working with and constantly training PPL staff on the site

The completion time was initially set for June 2012 however this was revised through a new civil design and constructions schedule by NK and now set for March 9, 2013. Erection of towers and stringing of a 2km transmission line between YTOD and the Ramu 1 Hydro Power Station main switchyard was completed in January 2012.

The project has been affected by local casual labour issues which have impacted on its progress and the PPL Management and the Project Team are addressing these issues. A test of Unit 2 is planned for this December and Unit 1 in February 2013.

The YTOD power station will comprise of two 9MW Vertical Francis hydro turbine. Built to modern principles, this power station will include high-pressure, low volume turbine control hydraulic systems, digital governor, and static excitation and control systems.

The station will be fully automatic, with remote control dispatching and monitoring from the Ramu 1 Power Station control room. The transmission line will also carry fibre optic cables on the overhead lines to provide high band-width communication between YTOD and Ramu 1 for voice and other systems.

The YTOD will increase capacity on the Ramu grid and cater for mining developments in Hidden Valley and Wafi-Golpu in the Morobe Province.

The Board also enjoyed a guided tour of PPL power stations and facilities in Lae after having held a fruitful Special Board Meeting at the Melanesian Hotel on the 19th April 2012.

The Board visited Taraka and Milford Power Station and also the Lae offices. They were particularly impressed with the new 24/7 Customer Service center due to be set up shortly.