Thursday June 14, 2012

Power outages in Port Moresby

Port Moresby experienced power outages on Wednesday night following separate incidents which affected power supply from its Boroko feeders.

Electricity was suddenly cut just before 8pm in areas around Gordons, Erima and 5 Miles after a vehicle ran into a power pole opposite Boroko Foodworld.

The accident caused damage to the power pole and affected electricity supply from the Boroko substation.

The other incident was a suspicious vandalism act on one of its transformers which also feeds off from the Boroko substation.

Investigations are now being carried into this vandalism while PNG Power personnel work on restoring full power supply back to the areas affected.

The Kanudi power station also experienced a trip on one of its transformers

PNG Power apologises to customers who have been affected by this untimely incident and give assurance that power will be fully restored once work is complete.

Port Moresby residents are urged to call the PNG Power Customer Service Office on 323 4774 / 7198100 / 7198 1001 / 71981002 / 7198 1003 if you continue to face power problems.