Monday June 18, 2012

Landowners shut down Rouna Hydro

Koiari Landowners have forcefully entered PNG Power premises at the Rouna Hydro Station and shut down power at around 4.15 this afternoon.

Police personnel who were sent to Rouna earlier in the morning couldn’t do much as the landowners entered the premises in numbers.

The shutting of power supply into Port Moresby has now prompted PNG Power to carry out widespread emergency load shedding of electricity supply into the city at as of this afternoon.

The landowners have taken advantage of threats by the PNG Energy Workers Union to shut down power nationwide.

The PNG Power Management and delegates from the Office of The Chief Secretary to the Government will commence discussions tomorrow to sort out the issues.

PNG Power apologises to customers who have been affected by this untimely incident and give assurance that power will be fully restored once work is complete.

Port Moresby residents are urged to call the PNG Power Customer Service Office on 323 4774 / 7198100 / 7198 1001 / 71981002 / 7198 1003 if you continue to face power problems.