IPBC pleased with PPL

The Independent Public Business Corporation has congratulated the PNG Power management in having the foresight to look into how power problems in the country can be solved.

Speaking in Yonki during the agreement signing for rehabilitation work on the Ramu 1 Hydro Power Station between PPL and Andritz Hydro, IPBC representative Parkop Kurua highlighted the fact that demand for electricity supply has never being any high in the country.

He said the PPL Board and Management have done well in ensuring there were solutions to problems that would help the government meet the electricity demand of its people and the business houses.

“Demand for electricity has somewhat become a strain on PNG Power with the recent LNG Project not only in Port Moresby but in Lae, Madang and the Highlands Region.

“It’s a big ask and it’s worse for us in PNG because we have a geographically challenging country to bring these services to everyone and at the same time, our infrastructure has worsened and needs rehabilitation,” Mr. Kurua said.

He said he was pleased with the progress in rehabilitation works and believed a lot of other Papua New Guineas were also happy including the locals who were present at the ceremony.

Mr. Kurua said the government was looking at ways to improve and help PNG Power to relieve it from some of the pressures of maintaining electricity supply.

Parts of the plans include the development of Ramu 2 which is still under feasibility studies.

PPL CEO Tony Koiri also added that within the next 8 months, we will witness the commissioning of PNG Forest Product’s 9 MW Upper Bauine Hydro Station in November followed by the commissioning of our own 18MW Yonki Toe of Dam (YTOD) Hydro Power Station in April 2013.

Other related projects are the refurbishment and upgrade to 132kV operation of the Madang line and the energy efficiency work currently being rolled out in Lae and Madang implementing Demand Side Management (DSM) initiatives.

All these projects are expected to improve reliability and ensure that short term demand is met.

In the long term, projects such as Ramu 2, Mongi Bulum and Kaugel Hydro Projects will provide the necessary generation increases to meet demand going forward.