PPL gets its NICTA License

nicta ceo charles punaha presents the licence to png power ceo tony koiri

PNG Power Ltd has been granted it Telecommunications Network Operating License from the National Information Communication & Technology Authority (NICTA).

This is an exciting new opportunity which has existed in PNG Power that can now be leveraged to create value to Papua New Guinea.

PNG Power Ltd has its core business of generating and delivering power throughout PNG but has also historically installed and utilised fibre optic cables for its own use in operating its data communications traffic along its transmission lines across its entire footprint.

This has been predominantly used to manage its control systems for improving visibility and reliability across its major systems.

Throughout the years the company has always had a vision of being able to offer and provide any excess fibres to companies such as the national communications providers or larger organisations like Telikom or others to increase their redundancy or reliability of telecommunications networks.

This opportunity is now well and truly a reality with this important license approval.

PNG power has no intention to compete with any communications carriers at his point in time but realises it has a valuable asset that can be commercialised to offering dark fibre options to suitors that would be interested.

More information would be available on request in the next couple of months through a prospectus for companies interested in understanding where the company has fibre optic cables and quantities that may be available.

PNG Power will continue to provide safe, affordable and reliable power to the PNG communities as its first priority but will continue to pursue opportunities that make sense for its business in the country.