JICA comes onboard to assist PPL

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PNG Power and the National Government have signed an Aide Memoire of Fact Finding Mission with the Japanese Government for the reinforcement of the Ramu system under the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

The Ramu Transmission System Reinforcement Project will see the existing 132kV transmission line between the Ramu 1 Hydro Power Station and Taraka substation in Lae, Morobe Province improved to enhance the power supply reliability and stability of the Ramu grid.

CEO Tony Koiri and JICA Director for Pacific and South East Asia Toyama Takashi penned the agreement at the PPL boardroom on Friday August 3.

Also signatory to the document and representing the National Government are The Department of Treasury and The Department of National Planning and Monitoring.

The main objectives of the project are to reinforce the efficiency of the Ramu grid, which is considered to lead directly towards the stabilization of electric power supply and economic development, and to increase opportunities for reliable and stable electrical connections in the neighbouring communities of the project sites

In addition, implementation of the project is urgently needed not only for reinforcement of the Ramu grid, but also for securing the power supply reliability to Lae, where remarkable economic development is taking place, and ensuring the power supply capability for the rapidly increasing mining demand.

The first and second phases of the project preparation have been completed which resulted in JICA despatching a fact finding mission to PNG in July 2012.

Detailed discussions were conducted between the mission team, DNPM, Treasury and PPL to examine the feasibility of the project which saw all parties agreeing on the important terms and condition of the project arrangement, concluding with the signing of the Aide Memoire of Fact Finding mission on Ramu Transmission Reinforcement Project by the Secretary of Department of Treasury, the Secretary of Department of National Planning and Monitoring and Mr. Koiri.

The result of the discussion will be presented to the competent higher authorities on both sides for their review.