Papua New Guinea’s first biogas electricity supply has been successfully launched by New Britain Palm Oil in partnership with PNG Power Ltd.

The official launching took place at NBPOL’s Mosa plantation on Monday December 17, 2012.

Present at the launching was PPL Director for Strategy and Marketing, Lawrence Solomon, Kimbe Asset Manager Mozo Livason, NBPOL General Manager West New Britain Harry Brock, NBPOL Senior Manager Biogas Geoff Logan and staff from both organisations

NBPOL has put in place two biogas plants to produce electricity at Kumbango and Mosa. The synchronisation of the two biogas generating plants into the PNG Power grid will ensure the economic function and operation of the PPL system and the maximum supply of both hydro and bio generation plants to sustain the diesel generation plant.

Mr. Brock said the project was a long time coming and hopefully it was the start of good things to come for PPL and NBPOL in servicing the Kimbe community.

“We’d like to be included if there is any upgrades to be done on the electricity services in West New Britain and we would love to partner with PPL in any way.

“Please don’t become wholly dependent on NBPOL as these are just another set of generators and they will go through maintenance and servicing from time to time.

“Thanks for you help in getting us set up and being a major partner with you all in WNB, he said.

Mr Solomon who was representing the CEO and was the one who was there during the initial discussions highlighted again that this was the first ever biogas project in Papua New Guinea.

He had a very strong interest in the project and said that it was an indication of the availability of the biogas as an alternate source of electricity supply.

“Personally for me, it is a pleasure indeed that NBPOL has been able to develop two power plants using biogas.

Mr. Solomon said that Kimbe somehow surprised him noting that 10-15 years ago, it wasn’t economically growing and its population was smaller.

He said that the electricity demand is now up to 4 MW and growing and with NBPOL’s biogas plant now integrated with the PPL system, some relief would be given to the use of diesel power plants.

“Let’s hope we develop more of these biogas power plants as PPL has a lot of projects with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to build transmission lines connecting Bialla and Kimbe.

“I know NBPOL has a project along Bialla and that is very ideal as it can just link onto our transmission line,” said Mr Solomon.

PPL was also looking at exporting electricity to Kokopo and if there was sufficient generation capacity in WNB, the idea would be too good to forget.

Mr Solomon said it was achievable and was counting on NBPOL to work in partnership with PPL and make this reality.  

“Am counting on NBPOL to be part of all this. This is a marriage between NBPOL and PPL which will last for a very long time.

Mr Solomon concluded by saying that if biogas is easy and cheap to develop in terms of infrastructure, there was more reason to pursue more biogas projects in the country.