PNG Power Ltd (PPL) is obliged to respond to Lae MP and Community Development Minister, Loujaya Kouza for her article in the Post-Courier on Wednesday February 5, 2014.

With due respect to the Minister, she doesn’t have any basis in terms of single-handedly finger pointing PPL for all the fires have happened in Lae over the last two months. PNG Power Ltd categorically denies what Lae MP has said in the newspaper.

This response is based on preliminary investigation reports carried out by our PPL Inspectors based in Lae.

In all the three fire cases, PPL’s response time to the call was less than 5 minutes in isolating supply to the buildings that were on fire. Power supply to these three properties were healthy until isolated straight after a call was received at the PPL 24 Hour Call Centre.

The mere fact that electricity supply was intact at the time of fire is proof that the blackouts are not the cause of fire as alleged by the Minister.

The possible causes that our investigation team has come up with are;


- Additional loads added to all this installations without being approved by PPL Inspectors.


- Natural causes: Earth tremors, Earthquakes and movement of heavy equipment in the vicinity of the properties causing loose connections to wiring leading to hot spots in the switchboard / installations.


- Wear and tear of insulation of installation wiring and building materials over time.


- Property owners’ general housekeeping standards. The dusty road conditions of Lae contributing to the buildup of dust in the industrial areas can contribute to any electrical sparks on the installations and wiring.

With the claims of electrical appliances being destroyed in homes due to blackouts, every electrical appliance manufactured in the country or imported go through stringent quality control tests before it goes out to the market for customers to purchase. PPL ensures that its customer’s safety is of high priority.

We have carry out awareness through the media discouraging customer’s from buying prohibited electrical appliances that do not conform to PNG Standards.

PPL with the support of the National Government has recently signed agreements which will see new power plants installed in Lae and these will be a great investment for the industrial hub of the country. We are going down that part and we are doing our uttermost best to deliver reliable electricity supply.

On behalf of the PPL Board and Management, I kindly invite the Minister as the local member to consult PPL first about the technical aspects of its operations and to find out what projects that we have in place for Lae for before going out to the media.


John Tangit

Chief Executive Officer

PNG Power Ltd