PNG Power yesterday signed an Agreement with German company, Fichtner GmbH Co.HK to oversee the design and manage the procurement process and the selection of contractors for the Port Moresby Power Grid Development Project.

The Port Moresby Power Grid Development Project is basically aimed improving the Port Moresby power grid’s reliability to meet the increasing demand in the Nation’s Capital.

For background information, the PMGDP is a US$83 million project where US$66.7million is from the Asian Development Fund (ADF) & Ordinary Capital Resource (OCR) Agreement Loan from Asian Development Bank (ADB) whilst a counterpart funding of US$16.3million comes from the Government of Papua New Guinea (GoPNG). The lifespan of the project is three (3) years.

The Port Moresby Power Grid Development Project is being carried out to address the Port Moresby power system reliability, by increasing the generation capacity to meet the increase in load demand, reduce power loss on the transmission and distribution lines and improve system flexibility and stability in power quality.

The Project which is expected to commence at the end of this month covers the refurbishment and upgrade work on the Rouna 1 and Sirinumu Toe of Dam Hydro Power stations, the distribution and transmission lines in the Port Moresby to improve the systems reliability.

The project will see the construction of a new 66/11kV and two 20/30Mw sub station at Kilakila with a 6.1km double circuit 66kV transmission line.

The purpose of this sub station is to extend electricity supply to approximately 3,000 households in the suburb of Kilakila. The sub station will also take some load off the current substations and extend the Port Moresby system.

Two new Static Synchronous Compensators (STATCOM) and Switchable Capacitor Banks will be installed at Boroko and Konedobu sub stations to improve the quality of power supply by maintaining the voltage and frequency within the standard limits.

The 11kV distribution network in Port Moresby will be improved to an open loop mesh system to allow for trans route for power dissemination.

A Loss Reduction Program will be carried out as part of the project to identify possible opportunities to minimise energy wastage and mitigate unnecessary power loss to optimize the power system.

This program will try to identify where there is wastage of electricity on our system and take actions to minimize or reduce the wastage on the cables or electrical equipment.

The old machines at Rouna 1 Hydro Power Station will be replaced with new 6Mw generators whilst the Sirinumu Hydro Power Station will be rehabilitated and upgraded to 1.5Mw to increase the generation capacities at the power stations.
Currently the Rouna 1 machines have a generation capacity of 5.5Mw but are producing only 3.5Mw.

The Sirinumu Toe of Dam Power Station had a 1.6Mw machine but is currently not working so this will be rehabilitated.

After the completion of this project in three year’s time the Port Moresby system should be able to capably meet the demand of its customers.