Electricity supply to all hospitals throughout the country is a priority for PNG Power whenever there is power interruption.

Modilon Hospital in Madang is no exception, and electricity supply was constantly maintained during the total outage in Madang town all of last week.

PPL Madang office has continued to maintain communication with the CEO of Modilon General Hospital when there is a need for isolation of the hospital feeder.

From day one of the occurrence of the permanent fault at Sausi when a tower collapsed, supply was maintained at the hospital terminals at all times, except when there was a total machine failure on Sunday, 4th May, 2014.

The supply to the hospital was off for only half an hour when all the machines at the Madang Power Station tripped at 4.00pm due to high temperature on one of the machines which tripped causing all other machines to trip as well.

The hospital has a 500kva standby generator that was installed recently and is capable of supplying the entire hospital during any sudden interruption of the main supply, therefore it should come in to supply the hospital in that instant.

The Modilon Hospital CEO has advised that surgeries were delayed at the hospital because there was no surgical equipment at the hospital and had nothing to do with the power supply availability as reported in the National Newspaper on Monday May 5.

Load shedding in Madang will continue for four weeks until a by pass is constructed at Bono near Sausi to take supply from Ramu Hydro Power Station in the Eastern Highlands Province to Madang.

A load shedding schedule will be published in the daily newspapers again tomorrow and posted on the company Facebook Page.

For further information please contact the 24 hours service on telephone numbers: 422 2122 or 422 2165.

PNG Power sincerely apologises for the inconvenience caused.

Meanwhile, loashedding in NCD has ceased following the replacement of parts on the controls and the starter motors at Hanjung Power station and PNG Power’s gas turbine Power station at Kanudi.

The parts were blown in the early hours of Wednesday, 30th May, 2014 when a major fault occurred on the transmission line between Moitaka and Kanudi Power Stations causing machines at all these power stations supplying the Port Moresby grid to trip.