Power supply into Madang Province from the Ramu Hydro Power Station is expected to return to normal early next week.

Work on the bypass construction at Sausi in the Usino-Bundi electorate is going ahead of schedule due to the commitment put in by the PNG Power personnel.

Madang has been cut off from the Ramu System for the past 2 weeks after a power pylon at Sausi was brought down and heavily damaged following the flooding of the Ramu River on Saturday April 26.

PNG Power personnel are now constructing a 12 kilometre bypass.

The team is now based in Sausi and have been working around the clock to put up the bypass to restore power supply from Ramu back into Madang.

The flooding has also affected the villages and resulted in a lot of cash crops been damaged.

Since the collapse and damage of the power pylon, Madang has been heavily relying on diesel run generators at Madang Power Station to supply electricity to the township on a load shedding basis.

The Madang Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) have also been very supportive and understanding of the emergency situation faced in Madang.

Secretary of the MCCI, Richard Jones and the Madang PNG Power Office have been in constant communication regarding the situation.

PNG Power Limited commend the Madang business community for your understanding of the situation and PNG Power sincerely thank them for working in partnership in ensuring everyone was informed of the situation at hand.

PNG Power will continue to keep everyone in Madang informed of the latest developments in restoring full power supply to Madang.

John Tangit
Chief Executive Officer
PNG Power Ltd