I have officially resumed duties today after my reinstatement by the PNG Power Board on Monday, 5th May, 2014.

I want to let the general public, especially electricity consumers know that situations and circumstances come by to make one stronger and I am more determined and eager to serve PPL with more determination and strive to deliver reliability of the electricity services to our people of PNG.

I have no ill feelings against anyone and I am looking forward to working smart and harder to deliver reliability.

I just wanted to clear my name and I thank the Board for officially giving me the charges and allowing me time to respond to it.

I will work with the Board and Management to tighten up our procurement, and financial systems as identified by the Board as being the cause of all the issues that surrounded my suspension.

I will also cooperate with the Investigation team that the Board is putting in place so that we can identify areas that need to be improved in order for the company to perform efficiently.

As found by the Board, all funds were paid out to contractors as per payment schedules within the respective engagement contracts.

There have been no fishy deals at PPL but there has been costly oversights in Project Management roles which is costing PPL now.

Let me announce that PPL has a very stringent document trail and no fishy deal is likely to occur because the audit trail will always highlight the risk and Management will address the potential risks over time.

I respect the new Board whose composition is very professional and comprises of high profile business individuals with high degree of business acumen.

Certainly with the new Boards credentials and experience, we will set the strategic path way for PNG Power to take on its issues and challenges provided under its Business Plan.

We will also ensure each and every individual employee memorizes and understands PNG Power Vision and Mission statement to collectively deliver the common objective of PNG Power

Further to Chairman Larry Andagali’s direction for a strategic workshop, plans are underway to run a three day workshop to plot the strategic road map for PNG Power to follow.

This is what I will be directing to establish the priority action matrix for the Executives of PNG Power to deliver on. In doing so we will set footage for reliability, safety and quality power supply to our consumers.

I take this opportunity to reassure all my staff of PNG Power that issues of the Union will be addressed via continuous communication and dialogue through established Management forums

John Tangit
Chief Executive officer
PNG Power Ltd