Electricity customers on credit meters in Alotau will convert to Easipay meters during the month of June, 2014.

Over 1,300 Easipay meters for Alotau customers have been packed and will be shipped next week for installation.

Electricity customers in Alotau are now urged to pay off all their outstanding bills in preparation for the conversion.

All consumers will be converted to the prepaid system on a clean-page.

As such, all historical debts must be settled in full as a prerequisite to be converted to Easipay system.

Consumers who fail to clear their historical debts in full will be disconnected and refused reconnection to existing credit meter until debts are fully cleared in order for them to be converted to Easipay meters.

The advantages of having an Easipay meter are:

- Customers are able to control and monitor consumption of electricity within their own budget to meet electricity cost.

- Customers will no longer get monthly bills or have their electricity supply disconnected for non-payment of their monthly electricity bills.

- Consumers can top up their units through the Digicel mobile phone any time of the day or night by texting *775* meter number*amount # and send. (The fee for the Digicel service is K1.50 per transaction.)

- Customer with access to phone banking can buy power through their mobile phone or even at the nearest BSP ATM.

Easipay is one of the ways that PNG Power wants to make electricity services accessible and customer friendly.

Alotau customers can purchase their Easipay units at PPL office until other agencies are set up within the township.