Business houses and Government institutions who owe accumulative electricity bills to PNG Power Ltd have been called on to come forward to settle their respective dues.

This is to avoid unnecessary inconveniences during the festive seasons.

PPL has embarked on “mass disconnection” exercise nationwide since October to recoup money owed in outstanding bills and will continue into 2015.

Going into the festive season, the company has called on all its customers who have outstanding bills to pay up or their electricity supply will be cut off this Christmas.

In cases where consumers frequently delay payment of monthly bills, supply will be disconnected and upon full payment, credit meter will be converted to Easipay meters in the converted centres.

For non-converted centres, consumers are asked to start paying up their historical debts as this will be the prerequisite for existing credit meter to be converted to prepaid meter with all its benefits that come with that.

If debts not cleared in full, supply will be disconnected and reconnection refused until amount owed is settled in full.

For customers with debts incurred through previous credit meter transferred to prepaid meter, you are asked to call into your nearest PPL office to settle your debt.

The following will apply;
- Debts from K1 to K999 – to be settled in full (one-off)
- Debts from K1000 and above – 60% upfront with remaining balance spread strictly over 12 months)

Failing that, PPL will carry out disconnection both in the system as well as physically on-site and it will stay disconnection until debts are settled in full.

PPL has taken steps to ensure customers with outstanding debts pay up or face the consequences of eminent disconnection of supply as electricity is not cheap to produce and certainly not for free.

For the government departments and agencies that owe PPL in outstanding electricity bills, notices were issued and CIS responded positively by coming forward in paying up most of amount owed over time.

PPL CEO John Tangit thanked the Correctional Services Commissioner Michael Waipo for taking the initiative to pay off bills owed by the institution.

Commissioner Waipo last week presented a cheque for K610, 000 to General Manager Customer Services, Upa Minga and Mr. Tangit.

Mr. Tangit said that all organization should know that PPL needs money for electricity services provided and if all business houses and government institutions can do their part by paying for the service then it would be a win-win situation for all.

“We understand and respect essential services provided by the respective government institutions thus we are obligated to supply electricity to enhancing these services however delayed government payment has been a concern and it is good to see CIS taking the lead in coming forward” said Mr. Tangit.

Mr Minga said that the Customer Service team already communicated that to the various government departments and were now making follow ups to ensure debts owed up to December 2014 is settled.

Commissioner Waipo thanked PPL for the understanding and would now finalize discussions with their payment of bills.

He added that the service that PPL is providing is vital for its operations and will direct his management to ensure payment is always done against the electricity bills.