PNG Power Ltd is installing up to 22 new high voltage transformers to boost power supply throughout Papua New Guinea.

In a contract signed between PPL and Chinese owned Qiantang River Electric (QRE International), the new transformers will be designed, manufactured, factory tested and supplied by QRE.

“This is the second time a major system equipment upgrade project is undertaken for PPL to replace and upgrade transformers to make electricity accessible to the growing demand by its consumers,” PPL CEO Mr. Tony Koiri said.

Many transformers are more than 30 years old and under rated therefore PPL is replacing these old transformers. This will see an increase in electricity supply to cater for the increasing demand for electricity in PNG.

Installation program will begin in July 2013 and will span over eighteen (18) months from July 2013 to November 2014. PPL will install 9 transformers to boost supply in its Ramu grid covering the Highlands and Mamose regions, 6 in Port Moresby grid, 2 in the Gazelle grid and the remaining 5 will be held in stock as spares for the distribution system as replacements in the event of damage to the existing transformers.  

QRE International has commenced designing the new transformers and the first two transformers will arrive in June for installation in the Port Moresby grid.