Time capsule opening kicks off 50th Anniversary celebrations

PNG Power Ltd kicked off its anniversary celebrations on Monday July 1 with the official opening of a time capsule which was placed 25 years ago by the then Commissioner Don Manoa and Board Chairman Bill Searson.

They marked the event by returning the favour and putting in another time capsule to be opened in 2038.

The ceremony was attended by members of the PNG Power Board of Directors, former employees and board members, management and staff. Notable among the guest list was former Chief Financial Officer Ted Gordon who flew in from Australia to undertake the honour of unpacking contents from the time capsule and putting in the next time capsule.

Mr. Gordon and Board Director Sylvester Kenatsi took the honours of unveiling the capsule and its contents.

All staff were anxious to see what was in the capsule and all eyes were glued on the tv screens that beamed live video footage of what was happening. The time capsule contained the old ELCOM uniform, a hard hat, five year plans, newsletters and other important company documents. The commemoration kicked off with a bang as the finely architecture of PNG Power Floats made its way to the event location after a city wide motorcade which started off at 7am. It was an emotional sight as the float made its way through Gordia Street passing the National Ofice.

With the music blarring through huge speakers and employees decked out in their work overalls stationed amongst the carefully built miniature power lines and power station, it was a never before scene that gave a sense of pride within all staff.

Corporate Relations staff Stanley Mark also belted out a song specially composed for the anniversary and delighted the crowd with his nicely phrased lyrics.

As a matter of confidentiality for future employees, Power Nius will not reveal what was put in the capsule as it is intended for the capsule and its contents to be revealed in 25 years time.