PNG Power sponsors UPNG Science Fair

The School of Natural and Physical Science Society (SNPSS) at the University of Papua New Guinea were happy to have PNG Power as their major sponsor for their science and technology fair held recently.

PNG Power gave K5000 to SNPSS to help them host their first ever science and technology fair at UPNG from 7th - 9th August 2013.

As a SOE and under it's Community Service Obligations, PNG Power contributes to nation building - not only, in providing vital services like electricity and infrastructure development, but also contribute to holistic human development in the areas of innovation and creativity.

PNG Power General Manager Human Resource, Luke Ambu said we need to see young Papua new Guineans become innovators and creators of new technology, systems and processes as well.

 New skills and talents also grow and develop at this level and our interest together with human development is to attract raw and fresh key talents.

 "PPL is in a global environment. We need to move with changes and developments in science and technology and must understand better about the environment we operate in locally and globally.

Additionally we must build partnership with such key learning institutions as well because that's where the leaders of tomorrow for PNG will come from," Mr Ambu said.

Mr Ambu said PPL will continue to support such significant events because events like this will unlock the potential of "young minds" early and provide them the opportunity and freedom to collaborate with the workforce and business environment without boundaries.

SNPSS President Randy Haihavu said PNG Power's sponsorship has really put a good angle to the school of natural and physical science to promote the students out in the workforce.

"The sponsorship from PNG Power indeed was a great relief for the SNPSS. It has given us the opportunity to organise our students to come up with the innovative ideas and boost our ideas in order to give back to the industries out there," Mr Haihavu said.

Mr Haihavu said the fair was about changing the perception that most people have about science in the country because there is more to science including research and inventions than what meets the eyes.