PNG Power extending power supply in Bougainville

PNG Power is now extending electricity supply into rural villages that needed electricity services for many years on Bougainville.

Under its Rural Electrification (RE) Program, PNG Power is extending distribution lines from Susup to Pikete village in the Tsitalato Constituency on Buka Island.

The RE project on Buka begain in 2009 where PNG Power extended 10 km of power supply from Buka Town to Susup village.

Currently, PNG Power is working on the second phase in extending power supply for another 8 km, covering Malasang, Lonahan and into Pikete village.

The work is now in progress at Malasang 3. PNG Power employees are clearing the road and bushes to make way for the distribution poles and lines.

In Central Bougainville, electricity is also being extended from Kieta to Toniva village for a total of 4 kilometers.

Phase 1 of this project covered 11kilometres of power supply from Maroku in Awara Town to Kieta and was energized in August.

Currently, PNG Power is extending power supply further to Toniva, the former township, to help the people with their business activities, and to power the new Kieta administration building.

These rural electrification projects are scheduled to be completed in December 2013.

PNG Power is also planning to extend power supply from Makaki point market to Pokpok Island through underwater cable connection and extend distribution poles all the way to Aropa Airport in the future.

Further funding for this portion of the project will be funded by Member for Central Bougainville and Minister for Communication and Information Technology Hon Jimmy Miringtoro.

PNG Power to date is still waiting for the release of funds for the project from his office.