The People of Ungai-Bena in the Eastern Highlands Province will soon have electricity in villages which has had no electricity service for many years.

PNG Power is extending its electricity supply for more than 10 kilometres under the Rural Electricity (RE) Program in both the Ungai and Bena constituencies.

In the Upper Bena constituency, electricity supply from Goroka town was extended to Lahame, the new Ungai-Bena district office.
Power supply from Lahame has now been extended to Sagifa village beginning this year and the energised line stops at Hapatoa village.

However, power poles have been erected since July 2013 to extend power supply from Hapatoa to Mohuveto, the village of the Ungai-Bena MP, Benny Allen. Power lines will be connected next month and energised.

Power poles will also be extended from Mohuveto to Sigere Health Center and Rintebe Lutheran High School. Power supply will also be brought to Safa Seventh Day Adventist Primary School.
An excitedSoti Sereyate from Munueh-Koropa in Mohuveto village said she was happy to see a power pole being erected near her house. She said electricity was needed for lighting, cooking, and cooling and poultry business.

“Ol kopi na kaikai bilong mipela save baragarp taim mipela nogat power. Mi hamamas lo PNG Power kisim power kam lo hauslain blo mi. Now bai mipela mekim ol gutpela haus na kirapim kakaruk bisnis na kisim olgeta divelopen kam insait lo ples na resis wantaim ol narapla ples insait lo Goroka na kantri,” she said. [Our coffee and food rot because we don’t have electricity. I am happy for PNG Power to bring electricity to my village. Now we can build good houses and start poultry projects and bring other developments into our village and move with the rest of Goroka and Papua New Guinea].

For the Ungai constituency, people living along the highway from Kamaliki to Masumave, Kotowe plantation and Harikayfa community school (Ungai 2) now have power supply.
The last power pole stops at Harikayfa but power supply will be extended beyond to Hosega/47 Hauslain in Ungai 1 once the work at Upper Bena is complete.

The RE project in the Ungai-Bena district began in 2007 and was funded by MP Benny Allen and the Department of National Planning and Monitoring for more than K1.7 million.

PNG Power is also carrying out rural electrification projects in other respective provinces in the highlands including Chimbu, Western Highlands, Enga and Southern Highlands Provinces to ensure all rural areas have access to electricity services.