Think before you burn

The public is strongly advised NOT to burn fields/grasslands or rubbish areas near or around power poles and lines.

Controlled fires can get out of hand and burn through power poles, causing them to fall and put innocent pedestrians or bystanders at risk of electrocution.

Before burning your rubbish, please take a moment to assess your surroundings for any power poles and lines.


Consider the hazard to a power pole if you were to start the fire. If the pole catches on fire and falls, the live electric wires lying on the ground pose a risk for electrocution. You or an innocent person can get electrocuted.

If you see a power pole burning, stay away from the area and warn others. Then notify your nearest PNG Power office immediately. Click here to get your numbers.

If you’re in NCD, contact these numbers: 323 4774, 324 3299, 71981000, 71981001, 71981002, or 71981003

Please provide the exact location of the fire, so we can respond quicker.

Think before you start a fire. You could save your own life.