Pole Burning

Please Take Precautions when Burning Fields or the vegetation around you!The risks of burning a field or yard seem minimal.

But have you considered the hazard to an electric pole set in the middle of a field or yard that is burning?Once an electric pole has caught fire, the hazards increase dramatically. If the pole burns completely through, it will fall, and then there is a danger of live electric wires lying on the ground within the burning area. If the pole is partially burned, then stabilizing it and placing another so the electric wires can be transferred is a hazard to the line crew.Although the most inconvenience is to you, it’s also to other member-customers and those who live around you while the power is off for repairs. You can prevent this by taking notice of any electric lines and their location before starting a controlled field fire or yard fire.

If you find an electric pole burning, do not get near the pole or under the lines. Warn others of the danger and notify PNG Power immediately on these numbers closest to you. Please provide the exact location of the fire, so we can respond quicker.

Click Here for PNG Power Emergency numbers

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